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Graphic Design

Viktoria is the visionary of V Visuals, bringing a rich tapestry of experience and passion to the brand.

Her journey began in the heart of London, where she pursued a bachelor’s in graphic design and further delved into the nuances of marketing. Starting as an intern during her university years, she soon traversed various roles—from graphic design and steering creative teams to mastering the intricate dance of marketing strategy.

This diverse exposure not only granted her a 360-degree view of the industry but also fueled the ambition to establish her own agency. It’s no exaggeration to say that design is in Viktoria’s DNA—her father, a jeweller himself, surely played a part. Transforming a childhood ardor into a thriving career, Viktoria now channels her energies into V Visuals, creating, innovating, and inspiring every step of the way. As we turn the page to a new chapter, the promise of V Visuals’ future shines even brighter.

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